Bego Begović


Bego Begović was born in Sisak, Croatia.
At the age of one he moved to Germany.

Since he was 15, he devoted himself to music and study,
mainly on synthesizer and keyboards. 
From the beginning he was self-taught and autonomous,
and saw his life always as an art of living. 

Since 1981 he has performed mainly in The Netherlands,
where he made his residence in 1985. 
He gave several hundred live concerts in both Germany
 and abroad with many bands.
With his own studio he found his way as a professional musician,
mixer and producer. 

Besides music, taking pictures and filming 
are other great passions. 
In the new millennium, he produced several video-clips,
since 2009 he has worked as a
cameraman and editor
in the make-over program "Fashiontrix"
that ran for eight seasons on
MTV / Viva and SIXX on German TV.

From 2013 to 2017, he worked primarily as a photographer and photo artist.

In 2014 he founded The Sound Healing Travelers with John Kremer,
where he makes intuitive meditation music
on only acoustic world instruments like
Dilruba, Duduk, Singing bowls, Didgeridoo, Fujara, Jew's Harp,
Fujara, Percussion and other instruments.

At the end of 2017, he decided to focus on music again.
And he worked on his own compositions with the female singer Iva Debinski.
Various other studio musicians participate in this project.

In 2019 he organised his first festival Begonoom.

Bego changed photo, film and music into a harmonious interplay.